What happened to Artie’s nose? Comedian Artie Lange Suggested Nose ‘F***ed Up’ From Drug Use


Comedian Artie Lange, recently in drug rehab while serving probation after pleading guilty to heroin possession among other charges, tested positive for multiple drugs including cocaine at a New Jersey court appearance this week. The court appearance revealed significant damage to Lange’s nose, which he showed and discussed on Twitter the prior week as severely damaged, suggesting drug use as the culprit.

“My nose is f***ked,” Lange tweeted in early December. “Gotta accept it. But I’m alive & blessed w a gig 2nite & many more. My 3rd season on ⁦ @CrashingHBO ⁩ starts Jan 20!”

According to nj.com, “Lange has had to have surgery on his nose due to years of snorting cocaine and heroin — and one incident in which he accidentally snorted glass when trying to suck up smashed OxyContin tablets — which left him with no septum and a lot of ribbing from his followers about his appearance.”

Some of his fans on Twitter laughed about Lange’s damaged nose after he revealed it on a photo.

“I think it should have its own Twitter account,” tweeted one.

Another suggested a hatchet is the best way to repair the nose.

Meanwhile, Lange avoided jail time this week despite testing positive for multiple drugs in his system, including cocaine. Lange said in a late night tweet Friday that he messed up.

“Cmon guys It’s Artie. Come give me a hug. I f***ked’ up again. But I’m a f*** up. It’s what we do. But I’m never gonna give up. Don’t u give up on me’. U fans. Ur all I got. And I’m lucky. Ur the best. Now get over here! Hug me Gnite. 143. PeAce. Out.”

He claimed in a series of tweets after the court appearance that he is off heroin and hopes to beat cocaine.

Lange initially said the cocaine should not have been in his system.

“It should’ve left my system,” the comedian tweeted. “But a higher power wouldn’t let. E get away with that. I’m a bad addict. I had to see if I could get high. It was awful. If ur on Suboxen don’t try it. So they are making me apply for a very strict rehab type program called Drug Court…”

“I have work to do,” Lange continued tweeting. “I feel now I can also stop Cocaine. But that’s arrogance and addiction. I’m accepting help. If I fail now I will go to jail. Jail is not for addicts. But I’d be giving them no choice. When I use illegal drugs I have to score them. That’s breaking the law-“

Lange, who lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, tweeted last week that he wrote “new sh** in rehab” and is heading back on the road. He said he was picked up from rehab by his friend and fellow comedian “The Reverend” Bob Levy. They performed together on December 2.

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