How To Stop Being a “Doormat” In A Toxic Relationship

You met your prince. He is so handsome, loveable and perfect. When you both decided to live together, the fairytale starts to fade away. Your infatuation is over and you start noticing the truth about Mr. Great.

I know that this self-discovery may be very sad and disturbing. You realized that he is not the same anymore. What is more, he is abusing you! One day Mr. Great is back, another day he is a monster. He keeps exploiting and humiliating you in every possible manner. When you want to confront him with the truth, he calls you that you are oversensitive. That makes you even more confused and lost.

Do you know why being a doormat makes you a slave and take your life away from you? Your own traumatic memories bring you negative emotions such as inadequacy, inferiority, stupidity. You feel unattractive and unworthy.

Have you ever heard that it is possible to get out of this mental prison once for all? You will do that by removing negative past memories. So that, you will discover your true authentic self. The natural high self-confidence is back.

What you endured, stays in your mind. Bad memories hypnotized you. Your perception has been distorted and it influenced on how you view yourself, others and your reality. You accepted this as truth and you become this person from your “unhappy dream world”.

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Whenever you wish to live in a present moment and be “different”, you turn out that you can’t. You came back to live in your living nightmare again.

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How does it all make you feel? I am sure you feel small, hopeless and enslaved. You are fearful to stop this nightmare, it makes you more depressed and doomed to live your life. It destroys your self-esteem more and more.

There is a way to get out of this trap. You can remove painful memories from your mind. These traumatic life experiences stay within your subconscious mind. When you do this, you will reveal the truth about who you are. In other words, you will stop being a doormat any more. It was only a lie!

If you keep asking your heart about who you are, you will find out an interesting answer. Inevitable desires may pop up to your mind. Those wishes are set of positive feelings. You may wish to feel confident, relaxed, self-empowered and independent. You may want to be peaceful and happy. Then, it is not a problem to become an individual who can make healthy relationship choices with ease.

Those positive emotions are part of your true authentic self. The self, you always wanted to be but negative life experience blurred the truth and it made you forgot who you are.

My name is Iga and I help people to let go of their toxic relationships so they can take their lives back and start living a normal, healthy life. So if I have inspired you to learn more about a powerful coaching process that can help you become fully conscious and in charge of your mind and life kindly request a free introductory Skype consultation that will begin to change your life.


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